Aymira is a unique company serving the I/DD community through our behavioral health provider agencies and software platform. 

At Aymira we are about connecting families by providing tools and services people need to improve their lives and the lives of others. We know that most people are “called” to the service of providing care to the special needs’ community. Usually, that work starts through the personal experience of having a child or family member with special needs. It becomes one’s life; one’s very identity. 

In our case, in service to this community we saw what a positive impact we can make and how those results can truly impact the lives of others in a positive way. It has caused us to fall in love with what we do. It has become our life; our identity and we couldn’t be more proud. 

Not only has this journey cemented for us the fact that we have indeed found our “why”, but it defines our culture, who we are and resulted in a set of core values that have become our rules to live by. We have created a family. A family that is focused on empowering people to reach their potential.

Our values not only give our work meaning, they guide our actions and ensure our success. Us and We Versus I and Me Commitment to Excellence Do the Right Thing Even if it is Hard Celebrate What Makes Us Different Never Stop Looking for a Better Way Every Voice Matters Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Successes Make the Noise